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The iron gates were welded shut, but soon the dead had learned to hire lawyers practiced in the laws that bound the afterlife to Neuroscience tells us: meditating at work helps to make us happier, healthier, more satisfied with our jobs, more creative and productive, and better colleagues. Our clean, crisp white booth features a frosted acrylic privacy door that functions both as a meditation booth and phone booth, making room for mindfulness and productivity in the workplace.

Each booth comes with 12 complimentary Premium subscriptions to the Calm app for one year. Motion sensor and ethernet port included. Nature has a way of calming the body and freeing the mind.

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Our misty green forest print transports you outdoors to a place of tranquility, free from disturbance. Privacy is everything. The Calm Booth is our limited edition booth designed to encourage mindfulness in the office.

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  7. It gives everyone the private space they need to relax and refocus throughout the busy workday. The Calm Booth differs from the ROOM Phone Booth in two ways: the Calm Booth has a frosted acrylic door for enhanced visual privacy, as well as a green forest interior to bring a bit of peaceful nature into the office. The Calm Booth also includes 12 one-year Premium subscriptions to Calm, the 1 app for sleep, meditation, and relaxation.

    That said, the Calm Booth doubles as the office phone booth. Just like the ROOM phone booth, the Calm Booth comes with a built-in ethernet port, motion-enabled LED light and ventilation system, as well as sustainable soundproofing, so you can step inside to take a call, relax, or find your way back to focus. After that, you can visit calm.

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    If you have any questions about setting up your subscriptions, please visit calm. Your one-year subscription to Calm Premium will begin on the date you redeem your subscription, and will expire exactly one year from that date. Please email sales calm. While the booth is designed for meditation and mindfulness, it doubles as an office phone booth, so you can use it for phone calls, video conferences, and focused work.

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    We recommend choosing one with both a backrest and footrest to provide additional support during your meditation session. Our comprehensive spec sheet covers product features, dimensions, shipping information, and more. Our expert technicians will assemble the booth for you and remove all packaging from your office.

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