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Super stressed or just damn frustrated. But all of that can be taken care of once we meet I'm a fun and giggly redhead with a girly full figure, classic pillowy feminine curves and a large bust of 36DD. I am not only your personal intimacy therapist, I am also a licensed massage therapist. So you get the best of both worlds when visiting me.

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A carnal primitive longing only one thing can relieve. A massage followed by a sweet release of your liking What more could a guy ask for? A light tapping sounded at the door, followed by a deep voice. Adam opened the door and peeked around the entrance at her.

His eyes widened when they rested on her body. He coughed nervously before turning to shut the door behind him. I'm so happy you're my wife. Belle stood on the tips of her toes and kissed him back, pouring all her love into it. Adam pulled away and looked into her eyes. For a moment, she felt lost in the deep blue. She smiled at him, realizing that she loved his eyes. They were the one thing about him that never changed. Whether he was beast or man, she would always recognize those eyes.

They were part of what made her fall so hard for him. Belle suddenly felt a shift in the atmosphere as expectation settled around them. She wasn't sure how to initiate things, and didn't know whether or not she was expected to take the lead.

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Adam seemed to sense her change in mood, because he took her by the hand and led her to the edge of the bed. They sat together on the bed, facing each other. I'm just happy to be with you. I know there are a lot of Just know that we don't have go there tonight. We can take our time, and I won't ever push you. The decision is completely yours, my love. Of course I want to I'm just a little nervous. Adam smiled sweetly at her, seeming to understand her concern.

I'm afraid I don't really know Being next to you every day is amazing. She loved him so much, and he was too perfect. How could anyone have ever thought that he was cruel?

She leaned in and took his mouth in hers. The kiss was fevered and desperate, and Adam reacted instantly. His hands flew to her waist and he held her close, drawing breath from her lungs and taking it into his own. Her soft gasps against his mouth made him crazy for her. He gently laid her on her back, his lips never leaving hers. He leaned over her, covering her body with his. She opened her mouth in invitation, and he pushed his tongue past her lips.

The kiss deepened, and with each stroke of his tongue against hers, Belle's courage began to build. She pushed her hands against his chest and clawed at his shirt with delicate fingers. Adam took the hint, and pulled the hem of his shirt up and over, breaking their kiss only long enough to pull it off over his head. Belle ran her fingers down the chiseled contours of his chest and abdomen. His body was rigid beneath her touch, and it made her burn for him.

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Adam palmed one of her thighs with a strong hand, kneading and massaging her flesh with his calloused hands. A moan escaped her lips, and he grunted in response. His hand glided up the length of her shapely thighs, coming to rest on the swell of her hip. He dug his fingers into the soft flesh there, pulling her against him still.

Her nightgown rode up her body as his hand ventured onward. He feathered his fingers across the flat plane of her belly and around the soft curve of her full breast. He brushed the pad of his thumb against her nipple, and it became taut in response. Belle loosed another moan, encouraging Adam to keep going. He began to move his thumb in concentric circles around her erect nipple, pressing open-mouthed kisses along her jaw and neck as he did.

Belle clung to him with desperation, her short nails digging into his upper back. She reveled in the feeling of his muscles shifting beneath her hands as he moved above her. Her core became hot with desire and she felt a distinct pulling sensation in her groin. Belle squeezed her thighs together in arousal. She wanted Adam right now. He heard her plea and acted instantly.

Adam lifted Belle's nightgown up and over her head, and tossed it aside. His gazed raked over the length of her bare body-the only article of clothing that remained being her underwear. He realized that his were also still dawned. He looked into her eyes, dark and filled with desire, and found the courage to make his next move.

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He leaned in to press a feather-soft kiss to the tip of her nose, and pulled her panties down her thighs at the same time. Once they were discarded, he positioned himself between her thighs, and bent to kiss her once more. He cupped both her breasts in his palms, loving the weight of them as he gently squeezed them.

Belle wrapped her slender arms around his waist and pulled him closer, her hands sliding down his lower back and stopping at the waist of his underclothes. Adam kicked his underwear off when they pooled around his ankles, and returned the weight of his body to hers.

He resumed kissing her neck, and this time, his left hand remained on her waist as his right hand ventured towards the apex of her thighs. He found her core; moist, hot, and ready for him. He grunted when he felt how wet she was, and instinctively brushed his fingers along her sheath. Mar 25, , am.

That's not just because of the precedent set by the covers, but because of the thematic content. In a "lavish reprint," I would imagine each two of the original series bound together as a hardbound volume. Mar 26, , pm. Perhaps one or the other is his her? The Vania Zouravliov images for Eveline are also excellent. Edited: Mar 26, , pm.

But photos done in the soft-focus style of the 70's. This thread is becoming more suitable for the Sex Between the Covers group. It's more about the visual representations of erotica. Mar 27, , pm.

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Read ' THE SHE DEVILS ,' a nineteenth century work by a french author who writes elegantly of course about a prostitute who raises her illegitimate daughters to be hard-core, perverse and masochistic whores, starting before puberty. The degree of perversity here is hard to separate from the elegant writing, to the point that one is not sure if the text is actually describing what it seems to refer to. The story is mostly psychological, probing how such seemingly nice girls could be trained to do and endure such extreme abuse. This is not for the easily shocked.

Ladies beware! Kind of reminds me of the Lon Chaney silent: "West of Zanzibar," where he plays a man who believes his wife became pregnant by another man.

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She dies and he's crippled. So, to punish his rival he takes the baby to Africa and raises her as a dissolute prostitute, only to find out the truth at the end.

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  • One cool thing-Chaney plays a man paralyzed from the waist down through the second half of the film. Mystery solved! Mar 28, , pm. I'd love to know the photographer of the Colleton is. The photographer for the cover of The Naked Countess of Liechtenstein , which seems out of sorts with the other Colleton covers, is Carl Kravats, who a simple google search finds is now a food photographer! Mar 31, , pm. I've just got back to catching up on the LT threads. Sorry I failed to respond before your trip, groovykinda.