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The foregoing has been traditionally interpreted to mean that Jesus was taken physically, bodily into heaven from where he will return to the earth. Here is what the commentary of Ibn Abbas says regarding Sura There is not one of the People of the Scripture the Jews and Christians but will believe in him in Jesus, that he was not a sorcerer, Allah, His son or His partner before his death after the soul of Jesus expires, that is after he comes down again and then dies after every single Jew in their time, and on the Day of Resurrection he Jesus will be a witness against them through delivery of the message.

And there is not one of the People of the Scripture but will assuredly believe in him, in Jesus, before his death, that is, [before the death] of one belonging to the People of the Scripture upon seeing the angels of death with his very eyes, at which point his faith will not profit him; or [it means] before the death of Jesus, after he descends at the approach of the Hour , as is stated in hadith; and on the Day of Resurrection he, Jesus, will be a witness against them, of what they did when he was sent to them.

Tafsir al-Jalalayn ; source ; bold emphasis ours. Therefore have no doubt concerning it i. And follow Me God i. And lo! Verily in the coming of Jesus the son of Mary there is knowledge of the Hour there is an indication of the coming of the Hour; it is also said that this means: his coming is a sign of the advent of the Hour. This profession of divine Oneness is the right path an established religion with which Allah is pleased: i. And indeed he, that is, Jesus, is a portent of the Hour - [the arrival of] it is known by the sending down of him - so do not doubt it tamtarunna : the indicative nun has been omitted for apocopation together with the waw of the [third] person [plural] on account of two unvowelled consonants coming together but, say to them: 'Follow me, in the affirmation of [God's] Oneness.

This, to which I command you, is a straight path'. Tafsir al-Jalalayn ; source. Then there will be abundance of money and no-body will accept charitable gifts. Jabir b. He said: Jesus son of Mary would then descend and their Muslims' commander would invite him to come and lead them in prayer, but he would say: No, some amongst you are commanders over some amongst you. This is the honour from Allah for this Ummah. Sahih Muslim , Book , Number For example, some claim that Muhammad meant that no new prophet would come after him, which is not what the Quran or hadiths say.

The Islamic literature expressly states that Muhammad is the last prophet and that no prophet will come after him, period. It makes no qualification that no new prophet will come after Muhammad. Moreover, the Quran teaches that in the latter days Allah will cause a beast to go forth throughout the earth to testify against mankind:.

When the Word falls on them, We shall bring forth for them out of the earth a beast that shall speak unto them : 'Mankind had no faith in Our signs. It will strike the nose of the disbelievers with the staff, and it will make the face of the believer bright with the ring, until when people gather to eat, they will be able to recognize the believers from the disbelievers.

Khatam an-Nabiyyin

It was also recorded by Ibn Majah. Ibn Jurayj reported that Ibn Az-Zubayr described the beast and said, "Its head is like the head of a bull, its eyes are like the eyes of a pig, its ears are like the ears of an elephant, its horns are like the horns of a stag, its neck is like the neck of an ostrich, its chest is like the chest of a lion, its color is like the colour of a tiger, its haunches are like the haunches of a cat, its tail is like the tail of a ram, and its legs are like the legs of a camel.

Between each pair of its joints is a distance of twelve cubits. It will bring out with it the staff of Musa and the ring of Sulayman. And when the word [of judgement] falls upon them, [when] they deserve that chastisement befalls them as well as all [other] disbelievers, We shall bring forth for them a beast from the earth which shall speak to them [saying], that is, which shall speak IN ARABIC to those who are alive at the time when it appears , among its other statements, it will say to them on Our behalf: 'Indeed mankind read tukallimuhum inna'l-nasa ; a variant has tukallimuhum bi-anna'l-nasa , 'to tell them that mankind' had no faith in Our signs', in other words, they did not believe in the Qur'an and what it comprises [of the mention] of resurrection, reckoning and requital.

Selected Verses from the Holy Quran about the Holy Prophet | Islam Ahmadiyya

With its [the beast's] appearance the enjoining of decency and forbidding of indecency will cease, and thereafter no disbeliever will believe - just as God revealed to Noah [when He said to him]: None of your people will believe except he who has already believed [Q. Tafsir al-Jalalayn ; source ; bold and capital emphasis ours. This means that Allah will send another messenger after Muhammad, namely one from among the beasts!

Muhammad is clearly not the last prophet or messenger. Still, others claim that even though Jesus comes after Muhammad he will judge by the law given to the latter:. Jesus descends amongst you and he will judge people by the Law of the Quran and not by the Law of Gospel?

Sahih al-Bukhari , Volume 4, Book 55, Number Muhammad is not the father of any man among you: he is not Zayd's biological father and so it is not unlawful for him to marry his [former] wife Zaynab [after him]; but, he is, the Messenger of God and the Seal of the Prophets, and so he will not have a son that is a [fully grown] man to be a prophet after him a variant reading [for khatim al-nabiyyina ] has khatam al-nabiyyin , as in the instrument [known as a] 'seal', in other words, their [prophethood] has been sealed by him.

And God has knowledge of all things, among these is the fact that there will be no prophet after him, and even when the lord Jesus descends [at the end of days] he will rule according to his [Muhammad's] Law. This somehow is supposed to explain away the fact that Jesus is a prophet who comes after Muhammad, when in reality this is nothing more than a non sequitur. In fact, there are several major problems with this position.

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Ibrahim was not a Jew nor a Christian but he was an upright man , a Muslim, and he was not one of the polytheists. Most surely the nearest of people to Ibrahim are those who followed him and this Prophet and those who believe and Allah is the guardian of the believers. Who can be better in religion than one who submits his whole self to God, does good, and follows the way of Abraham the true in Faith?

For God did take Abraham for a friend. And when We made the House at Makka a resort for mankind and sanctuary, saying : Take as your place of worship the place where Abraham stood to pray. And We imposed a duty upon Abraham and Ishmael, saying : Purify My house for those who go around and those who meditate therein and those who bow down and prostrate themselves in worship.

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And when Abraham prayed: My Lord! Make this a region of security and bestow upon its people fruits, such of them as believe in Allah and the Last Day, He answered: As for him who disbelieveth, I shall leave him in contentment for a while, then I shall compel him to the doom of Fire - a hapless journey's end! Accept from us this duty. Thou, only Thou, art the Hearer, the Knower. Our Lord!

Messenger of Allah

And make us submissive unto Thee and of our seed a nation submissive unto Thee, and show us our ways of worship, and relent toward us. Thou, only Thou, art the Relenting, the Merciful. And raise up in their midst a messenger from among them who shall recite unto them Thy revelations, and shall instruct them in the Scripture and in wisdom and shall make them grow.

Thou, only Thou, art the Mighty, Wise. And who forsaketh the religion of Abraham save him who befooleth himself? Verily We chose him in the world, and lo! When his Lord said unto him: Surrender!

Ten reasons Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was the best Prophet of all time.

And strive hard in God's Cause as you ought to strive with sincerity and with all your efforts that His Name should be superior. They say: "Become Jews or Christians if ye would be guided To salvation. I would rather the Religion of Abraham the True, and he joined not gods with God. Say: "God speaketh the Truth: follow the religion of Abraham , the sane in faith; he was not of the Pagans. That is Our argument.

We gave it unto Abraham against his folk. We raise unto degrees of wisdom whom We will.

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Thus do We reward the good. And Zachariah and John and Jesus and Elias. Each one of them was of the righteous.

And Ishmael and Elisha and Jonah and Lot. Each one of them did We prefer above Our creatures, With some of their forefathers and their offspring and their brethren; and We chose them and guided them unto a straight path.

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Such is the guidance of Allah wherewith He guideth whom He will of His bondmen. But if they had set up for worship aught beside Him, all that they did would have been vain. Those are they unto whom We gave the Scripture and command and prophethood. But if these disbelieve therein, then indeed We shall entrust it to a people who will not be disbelievers therein. Those are they whom Allah guideth, so follow their guidance. Say O Muhammad, unto mankind : I ask of you no fee for it. Abraham was a nation obedient to Allah, by nature upright, and he was not of the idolaters; Thankful for His bounties; He chose him and He guided him unto a straight path.

And We gave him good in the world, and in the Hereafter he is among the righteous. And afterward We inspired thee Muhammad, saying : Follow the religion of Abraham , as one by nature upright. He was not of the idolaters. He hath ordained for you that religion which He commended unto Noah , and that which We inspire in thee Muhammad , and that which We commended unto Abraham and Moses and Jesus , saying: Establish the religion, and be not divided therein. Dreadful for the idolaters is that unto which thou callest them. OnePath Network Inc is a registered nonprofit organization. Donate or Volunteer Today!

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