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Their concerns were rooted in their misconceptions of Iranian people and their customs. And, even I underestimated the warmth and genuine welcome that I would receive.

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This book came to mind on my recent travels to Iran. When I consider the place of my childhood, it is visually represented for me by a monument that I could see from my bedroom window.

Finn MacCool and the Woman, Kittens to Cats: Tales from Home

Of course, I should have come to this conclusion after the first fall, or at the very least the second. But it took five, certainly a hard lesson to learn from the perspective of my bruised and battered thighs. But this last fall seemed particularly poignant. But that was a long time ago, so who knows for sure if that really happened, I prefer the alternative theory, that the causeway was, in fact, built by Giants.

While waiting in the departure line at the Muscat airport, I made a decision to get out of line and stay longer.

But it still wasn't long enough and from the moment that I returned home, I've been thinking about going back. Going back to the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque to walk through the magnificent prayer hall, beautiful courtyards and tranquil passageways. Going back to peak through the gates at the Al Alam Royal Palace, humble in its design, yet distinguished, sitting amidst white government buildings and under the watchful eye of 16thC Portuguese forts.

Going back to get lost in the magical maze of the Muttrah souk to be enveloped in the scent of frankincense lingering in each alleyway. Going back to country that resonated with my soul and captured my heart. Towns are nestled amongst brown craggy mountains with views of turquoise waters. Friendliness and hospitality seem like inadequate words to describe Omanis. Their pride in country and eagerness to share the wonders of their homeland is evident in every conversation and interaction.

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The Troubles were primarily political and nationalistic and many of the murals in Belfast commemorate and communicate the aspects of this historical event. In Belfast, there are approximately quality murals on display and the themes of murals tend to reflect what is important to a particular community. Walking the streets of Belfast, the murals are a very prominent visual reminder to both visitors and locals alike of a dark time in history to not repeat.

But alas, we have yet to learn this lesson. Solo travel, especially for female travelers has become a niche market as there are great opportunities and benefits associated with travelling independently. Permission required for outside use.

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Contact: TheWordWenches gmail. Novels published - Novellas published - Range of story dates - 9 centuries present. Joanna here, talking about one of the minor constants in my books. I love me some animals. All kinds, from wild tigers to tame kitty cats.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my. Also parrots and penguins.

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The feistier they are, the better I like them. I try to put a pet as a character in each of my books because they are arguably an improvement over humans. Annique calls him that "monster dog that stalks the halls, slavering and famished, seeking human flesh. But then, she spent her innocent girlhood sneaking into houses and stealing secrets. This gives one an ambivalent relationship with guard dogs.

Doyle found Tiny wandering by the London docks.

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They're both ancient breeds, becoming fairly widespread by the early Nineteenth Century. A cross between the two could plausibly have shown up in a cosmopolitan seaport like London. It would be one formidable dog. He's a survivor, that ferret. A world traveller. A canny small fellow who's seen everything, from the slums of London to the souks of the Middle East, and taken it all in stride. The word Kedger, by the way, is Cockney underworld slang for beggar. Jess carries Kedger around with her in a pocket sewed in her cloak.

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Sometimes he rides along on her shoulder, keeping an eye out, warning her of danger. When we meet him, he's in her office. Kedger slipped down to her desk and sniffed at the letters. He grabbed a quill, launched off, and plopped to the floor with a little grunt. He didn't make a sound on the rug, but she heard the skittering as soon as he hit the bare boards. He took the quill under the bookcase to devour it.

Forbidden Rose introduces us to the pack donkeys Dulce and Decorum. They're an eccentric pair.

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Hawker has been given the task of wrangling these two. Doyle, the hero of Forbidden Rose, thinks:. Dulce snaked out to bite Hawker. Missed him by a hair. Sometimes it was a real pleasure to educate the lad. I am as fond of donkeys as anyone, but—I will be utterly candid—they attempt to bite me. It is the heat, I believe, that makes them irritable. Remarkably even temperament in those animals.

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He sounds like an Irish Wolfhound, doesn't he? Although I suppose he could be a mastiff. A few more whuffles up and down the bedcovers and he was satisfied.