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They list the challenges, without drafting the places and means of the overall strategic presence. The purpose of this analysis is to examine the major development issues of EU strategic thinking during the period Can we talk about development, stagnation, or devolution? Is the new strategy capable of fulfilling its role and can really serve as the basis of our ambitions?

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Shortly after the birth of the European Economic Community, relations between Yugoslavia and the Federal Republic of Germany became rather tense because of the Hallstein doctrine. On 19 March , official relations between the EEC and Yugoslavia began with the initial non-preferential agreement signed in Brussels.

Since , the Community has assisted Yugoslavia in accessing the resources of the European Investment Bank.

The disintegration of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia began with the reintensification of internal crises in the s. In , the first phenomena of crisis emerged in Kosovo, which was the only territory of the federation where the South Slavs were in a minority. In Kosovo, the Albanian population has multiplied much more rapidly than other nations since After understanding the context of conflicts in the Great Lakes region, we will deal with the various phases of the presence of the union in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Operation ARTEMIS is considered the first military operation led by the EU, the first autonomous EU operation, the first rapid response mission of the EU first operation outside Europe, first operation applying the principle of the framework nation and first example of "relay operation", conducted in cooperation between the EU and the United Nations.

It was also the first mission fully planned and controlled as part of the Civilian Planning and Conduct Capability CPCC, established in August for civilian operations of crisis management by the EU. In which context this mission has been deployed and what is its value in the SSR process?

Possible French Sanctions against Russia. French Foreign Policy between the Period of —, Sarkozy. Taking the office on May 16, , Nicolas Sarkozy, the new Fr Taking the office on May 16, , Nicolas Sarkozy, the new French President, initiated the transformation of French foreign policy with vehemence, similar to his predeces- sors, based on his small advisory group consisting primarily of media experts.

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Un- doubtfully, by stirring up the still water, the French president intended to thematise the French diplomacy and wanted to give voice to France. The French diplomacy is groping, looking for new or old-new, rather individual and bilateral than all-European ways in which the consolidation of Franco-German relations is present with a smaller signi cance than needed. The Service will be unique and independent from other EU institutions and it will manage general foreign relations, security and defence policies, and will control the Situation Centre.

It will be formed by merger of the external relation departments of the Council of the European Union and the European Commission. However, the Commission is fighting to retain exclusive competence in trade, development and enlargement policy, preferring that they will not be transferred to EEAS.

However, although the HR and the EEAS can prepare initiatives, member states make the final decisions and the Commission also plays a part in technical implementation. The budget for the period is currently under discussion. The annual budget ceiling is s In addition to indicating revenue and expenses, the so-called budget chapters include another dichotomy which ensures that there can be no deficit no surplus is allowed either : the so-called payment appropriations PA are automatically transferred from the previous budget period into the current one, therefore the deficit considered from the perspective of Member States in the current budget is booked under expenses in the next budget in advance, while the surplus is recognised under income.

Je me repose avant de rentrer.

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Elle est partie pour durer 15 jours et prendra fin le 11 octobre prochain. Aussi M. Jean-Louis Billon rencontre Laurent Gbagbo. Lancement de la campagne de vaccination obligatoire contre les maladies animales. La France championne du Monde La liste electorale provisoire est disponible selon la CEI.


Et le second reconduit Amadou Gon Coulibaly dans les fonctions de Premier ministre chef du Gouvernement. Il fournit notamment la croissance du secteur du commerce, encourage les voyages et le tourisme.

France leads Cote d'Ivoire talks

Mahammed Boun Abdallah Dionne. Au moins 19 personnes ont perdu la vie. The have objectively and subjectively come under question. This analysis of the Ivory Coast tests this general paradigm in the light of the turnabouts that have been occurring in the post-Houphouet era.

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Ultimately, community-based movements are a political product of the social question. Ils ne viennent jamais me voir! Elle se bat avec moi. Le soir, ils nous tuent. Ici, ils veulent prendre nos terres. Mais nous les chasserons tous! Si on me donne un million, je pars. Les gens sont venus du fin fond des quartiers populaires […]. Ainsi, J.

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Selon J. Dozon ibid.


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